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Why is Women’s Self Defence in the Current Forefront?

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Why is Women’s Self Defence in the Current Forefront?

Women’s Self Defence...

This topic is very close to my heart, for many reasons: 

  • The first is that the knowledge of self-defence comes from the increasing need for it.
  • The next is that due to several assaults that I have personally incurred, self-protection has become a necessary part of my safety, security, mental health and confidence.
  • The root problem in our society is only getting worse, not better, and in Calgary, where I live, there have been a record number of reported assaults in the last few months.

It makes my heart sick.

But why? Why is there an obscene amount of assaults? Why is it normal for women to live in constant fear? Why do women need to always be diligent and aware? Why should we have to arm ourselves with tools and tactics in order to live day to day, in peace?  According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation ( 

"...although both men and women experience sexual assault, ‘92% of police-reported assaults were from women. It’s also been shown that out of all violent victimization, women’s risk is 20% higher than men’s"

Here’s another one, by

"more than 11 million Canadians have been physically or sexually assaulted since the age of 15. This represents 39% of women and 35% of men, with a much higher prevalence of sexual assault among women than men (30% versus 8%)"

This is real.  And horrifying... 11 Million Canadians.

Proper women’s self-defence seems to be the only tool or available ‘fix’ to begin to take back control, take initiative, and begin the process of building confidence to remedy what women are currently having to deal with. 

It’s unfortunate that...

  • So much responsibility is being placed on women.
  • The perpetrators feel so entitled to behave this way. 
  • Our justice system has not been able to force harsh enough punishments or deterrents. or; 
  • The consequences for the victim reporting these incidents is so high. 
  • Victims often also are in the midst of so much trauma, that they are just trying to cope, heal and recover.

So here we are. Coping. Finding the quickest, most reasonable way to feel secure.

Until our society changes, when women can speak up and are believed when victims are no longer being blamed when attackers no longer feel powerful (or entitled) enough to hurt women until there is equality, kindness, respect, and significant reduction of violence, particularly gender-based violence, nothing will change.

And… since we can’t change the world, let’s start by changing ourselves. 

For my amazing women out there, and to the amazing men supporting us, keep up with the positive progress, find an accredited, reputable, and educated self-defence instructor and start. Hold your head high, put as many tools in your life toolbox, and stay safe.

P.S When you’re ready to start - Come see me!

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